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Coalition Voice Comms

Our coalition is made of quite a number of alliances, and of course they all have their own voice comms. Mumble Brave Collective Authentication System https://manage.mumble.bravecollective.com/ Server Information Label: BRAVE Comms Server: mumble.braveineve.com Port: 64738 Username: Username given you by the auth system Password: Password given you by the auth system Evictus Authentication System https://auth.evictus-online.com/ Server Information… read more »

YF Mumble

As our main voice communication platform we use Mumble. So it’s suggested you read through this little guide in order to use it in our fleets and for our day by day communication. What Is Mumble Mumble is an open-source, cross-platform VOIP application. It operates similarly to common closed-source programs TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. At the… read more »

YF Discord

Yes, we’re using this fancy stuff as well and you should be on it to not miss any of the interesting conversations we have there from time to time. This Discord works with an authentication system, so the pilots from Yulai Federation and Yulai Academy get the right roles to be in the right channels…. read more »

YF Auth System

To get access to the alliance services like Mumble, Discord and the Forums, you have to be authenticated through our Auth System. This process is pretty much straight forward and doesn’t require you to be an IT nerd or something similar. Get Yourself Authenticated This is the first step to access our services. Open https://auth.yulaifederation.net/… read more »