Account Security

One of the big topics in the online world is security. Not only in EVE, but everywhere in the internet. Your EVE account is probably worth a lot and it would be a shame if you lose access to it. So here we go, some general tips and tricks for a better account security.

Don’t Share Your Account

Never ever, under any circumstances share any of your account information with anyone!

In a customer service situation, provider like CCP or the guys behind Discord may ask for your account username to verify, but they will never ask for your password. If anyone ever asks for your password, break contact immediately!

You shouldn’t even share these information with your relatives. For many services, sharing accounts is also a violation of their EULA.

Use Proper Passwords

The first step to make sure your account does not get hijacked is to use proper passwords. A good password is a combination of numbers, letters (lower- and uppercase) and special symbols. It should also not be to short. Everything below 16 digits you should consider changing. Also, do not, under any circumstances ever use a word that can be found in a dictionary as your password. This is the most retarded thing you can do. The most common way to get access are so called “Dictionary Attacks”, meaning that words from dictionaries are used to try and find out a password to an account. If your password can be found in a dictionary, your account can be hijacked pretty fast.

A proper password looks like this:


If you haven’t set up a proper password for your account, do so now!
Never use the same password for more than one service!

Little Helper

Of course, almost no one can remember passwords like this, which is exactly what you want. To make it easier for you, there are several little helper out there who help you to organize your passwords and logins. Organizing your logins and passwords in a text-file on your computer is a very bad idea and not secure at all.

  • Enpass (Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile)
  • Keepass (Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile)
  • 1Password (Windows, Mac and Mobile)

These are only 3 examples of password manager. You only have to remember one password to unlock the helpers vault. These tools also can generate secure passwords for you with almost only one click in their interface. So that’s a pretty neat bonus.

If you are using a password manager, make absolutely sure you don’t use an online service for that. Always use a tool you need to install locally on your computer!

Use A Valid E-Mail Address

For almost every account you create you have to supply an E-Mail address where you get a verification link sent to. This link is to verify that you, and actually you were the one creating the account. Make sure you keep access to that E-Mail address all the time, because it is also used in case you lose access to that account by losing your password. Which happens impressively often. In that case there is almost every time a “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” function you can use, which send you again an E-Mail with a link to reset your password. Your E-Mail is also used in a support case to keep the communication open with you. So you see, it’s important to have access to said E-Mail address.

Also, make sure you use a proper password for your E-Mail account as well, as described above.

Use 2-Factor-Authentication

When ever available, use 2-Factor-Authentication!
2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security added to your account. For an account with 2FA activated you will be asked after entering your usual login credentials, like username and password, to provide an authentication code. This is usually a randomly generated 6 digit number. This little number changes every 30 seconds and only you know it.

Preparations For Setting up 2FA

In order to get this working, you need to install the Google Authenticator app (Android | iOS | Windows Mobile) on your smartphone. Do so now. This app will provide your 2FA code when needed if set up correctly.

Setting Up 2FA With Your EVE Online Account

Go to the EVE Online account management and log in there with your EVE Online account. After doing so, you’ll see your accounts dashboard. In the panel “Account Information” you find the settings for the 2FA, called “Authenticator”. Click there and simple follow the steps to enable 2FA for your EVE Online Account. The website will provide you with a QR code you need to scan with the smartphone app you installed on your smartphone earlier, confirm by entering the 6 digit number the smartphone app is giving you in the website and from this time forward, you are set with 2FA on your EVE Online account. Every time you log in now, you will be asked to provide the 2FA code as well.

Setting Up 2FA With Your Discord Account

Open your Discord, either in your Discord client on your computer or in your browser and go to your account settings. Here you find a section for 2-Factor-Authentication. Enable it and follow the steps on your screen. At some point you need to scan the QR code with the app you installed on your smartphone, confirm by entering the 6 digit number the smartphone app is giving you in the website and from this time forward, you are set with 2FA on your Discord account. Every time you log in now, you will be asked to provide the 2FA code as well. Feel free to activate the “SMS Backup Authentication” option in your Discord account as well.