YF Auth System

To get access to the alliance services like Mumble, Discord and the Forums, you have to be authenticated through our Auth System. This process is pretty much straight forward and doesn’t require you to be an IT nerd or something similar.

Get Yourself Authenticated

This is the first step to access our services. Open https://auth.yulaifederation.net/ in your browser and log in with your main EVE Account by clicking the “Login with EVE Online” button. Once you clicked this button, you will be redirected to the EVE Online Account Management where you log in, select your character (again, your main) and login. After logging in with your EVE Online Account the Auth System is asking you for an email address. This step is needed for some extra security (double opt-in) and also later on for the forum registration, that needs a valid email address for your forum account.

Unfortunately some of the US email provider are blocking European server. Mostly provider using a gateway from att.net, and please don’t ask me why that is. So if you’re not sure if your personal email provider is using such a gateway, it is suggested you create a Gmail address. You shouldn’t use your personal email address for random stuff on the internet either ways.

After a couple of minutes you should receive an email with the subject “Confirm your Alliance Auth account email address”. Sender of said mail is auth@yulaifederation, just so you can confirm it’s from the right sender. Click the confirmation link in this email and log in with your character again, to see the Dashboard of the YF Auth System.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Character Options

Once you’re authenticated and you see the Dashboard, you should start adding your alt characters to your main. Your CEO probably will thank your for that and also it is needed for SRP requests and the fleet activity tracking. Depending on which character of yours lost the ship or attended the fleet, it’s maybe not always your main. And in order to get SRP, the SRP request has to be made with the character that lost the ship. Same goes for the fleet activity tracking, you might have multiple chars in a fleet, so you want them all to be listed in the statistics, don’t you?

Setting Your Main Character

This is an easy task, trust me, even my grandmother could do it. After your successful first login (and every login after that of course) you see your Dashboard. And here you also find your character information. Your main has already been set to the character you did the registration with. You can change this at any given time by clicking the blue button called “Change Main”. In order to actually change your main character, you have to add your other (alt) characters first, or you don’t have any to chose from. But it is advised to have your main character set to your actual main.

Adding Your Alts

Adding your alts is as easy as the login itself. On the Dashboard you see your character and you also see 2 blue buttons. One says “Change Main” and the other says “Add Character”. The “Add Character” button is what you are looking for. Click it and you find the well known EVE Online Account login screen. Login, select your alt and confirm. This time, you won’t get a mail, you are already authenticated and your account has been confirmed. Repeat this with every of your alts.

Services And Modules


Go to Services and activate the Forum service. Auth will give you your username and password for the forum. Make sure to write these information down for you. You can also change your password there in case you lost it. Once you’ve done so, go to our forums and log in. The forum might ask you to confirm your password on the first log in, do so and your forum account has been created.


To get your account on Mumble, you have to navigate to the Services section in your Auth Dashboard. Here you will find a service called Mumble, with a yellow checkmark at the end. Click this yellow check mark and the Auth system automatically creates your Mumble account for you and also gives you your login credentials for Mumble. With this credentials you create your Mumble connection. For Details on how to set up and connect to Mumble, please refer to the Mumble Page.


Go to Services and activate the Discord service and follow the steps from there. Auth will take you to the Discord login page if you are not already logged in to Discord. From there you get an instant invite to the YF Discord server. Pretty straight forward.

See YF Discord for details.

Fleet Activity Tracking

This is more for your CEOs and FC, to have a general overview how active in a certain type of fleets you are. In important fleets like StratOPs and CTA, FCs might give you a link during the fleet to track your participation. Just click that link, select the character you are in fleet with and submit. If you have multiple characters in this one fleet, repeat this procedure for every of your characters in this fleet. Important to know is, if you have multiple characters in different fleets, like maybe your main in a sub-capital fleet and your Dread alt in a capital fleet, only register the character that is in the fleet the link got posted. there might be a different link for the other fleet.

SRP Requests

The YF Auth System has its own SRP module. Fleet Commander can add so called SRP Fleets, which is basically nothing else but a link (fancy names rock), for fleets that are covered by SRP and hand out exactly this link to you if you lost a ship. Here it is important that you request your SRP with the char that actually lost the ship, so hence why it’s important to have your alts added to your main. You just have to click the link your FC was giving you, select the right character, drop the link to your loss mail on zKillboard (this is the important part) and send it in.

ESI Scopes And Their Usage

A brief overview of the scopes the Auth system is using and for what purpose.

Scope: public data

Primarily used scope.
Public Data is used for the login to the Auth system.
This is basically an empty scope only for the purpose to identify a pilot and it’s associated corporation and alliance. This scope also allows the Auth system to work with a refresh token to make sure your data is always up to date.

Scope: read corporation membership

This scope is used to read a pilots corporation membership data. Only CEOs and pilots with director roles in their respective corp will have any valid data in this scope. It is used for the Corporation Stats page the CEOs have access to, to give them some statistics about their own corporation, like the member list and which member is registered with the Auth system as well as seeing registered alts of their corporation members.

Scope: read ship type, read location, read structures

These three scopes are used for Fleet Activity Tracking.
They are needed to determine what ship a pilot is flying, in which system a pilot is at the time the Fleet Activity Tracking link is clicked and if the pilot is maybe still docked and in which outpost/citadel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do I Have To Login With My EVE Account Details?

This is to identify your pilot. By logging in with your EVE account through the EVE Online SSO (Single Sign On) login you are letting the Auth system know who your pilot is, so the Auth system can work with these information and get the right data from the ESI.

Do You Get Access To My EVE Account Details?

Absolutely not!
Your EVE account is absolutely safe and we do not get any access to your EVE account. The login is handled through CCP’s Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism and you actually log in to the official account management page of CCP/EVE Online. The SSO only gives the Auth system the information that the login was successful (that is was a valid EVE Online account) and the pilot you chose. With this information the Auth system then can query the ESI (EVE Swagger Interface – the EVE Online API system) to get further information about your pilot (Name, Association). Your EVE Online account information are never shared with the Auth system.

What Is This SSO You Are Talking About?

SSO is short for Single Sign On. It is a method of safely login with one account, in this case your EVE Online account, to get access to multiple external services. Your account information will never be shared with any of these external services at all, since the login is handled through the EVE Online account management system.

Why Do You Need My E-Mail Address?

The E-Mail address is primarily used to make sure that it is really you who is registering with the Auth system. You will get an E-Mail with an unique confirmation link, so you have to manually confirm that you registered with the Auth system. This is called a Double-Opt-In.
Our Auth system also connects you to our forum (if you are in the right groups that is). For a forum account an E-Mail address is needed. This E-Mail address never will be shared with anyone else and is only used by the forum software to send a password reminder or a password reset link in case you misplaced your password.

I Am Switching To A New Corp, What Do I Need To Do?

When you are joining another corp, Auth changes your roles as well. This determines your access to our services like Forums, Mumble and Discord. If you stay within Yulai Academy / Yulai Federation or any of our allies, you still have access to these services. But you might want to refresh them. The way Auth works for Mumble and Discord is, that your account for this service was generated with your “old” character information. So what you do is, you navigate to the Services menu in Auth and disconnect your Mumble and your Discord service and enable them again to get your new alliance and corp tags there. For Mumble this will be a completely new login with a new username and password. Discord is sorting that out mostly automatically, you just need to confirm that with Discord.

I Lost Access To The Services But I Am Still In YF / YFA, Why Is That?

Auth works with so called access tokens that are unique and are generated from your SSO login with the EVE Online Account Management. This access token is absolutely unique to your account and change as soon as you change something in your account. So if you changed something in your EVE account, you need to re-login to Auth and check your services again. This is a security measure implemented by CCP to make sure nothing shady will happen to your account information.

These changes are:
» (De-) Activating 2 Factor Authentication (You definitely should have that activated.)
» Changing your account password.
» Switching from Alpha to Omega or the other way around. (not 100% confirmed but might be a reason to lose access to Auth services)
» Active character transfer from or to this account. (selling or buying a character from or to this account)
» Changing your associated E-Mail in your EVE account.

All these will invalidate your access token Auth is using. With that, Auth will drop you to Guest state and you lose access to our services. To fix that, simply re-login to Auth and activate your services again. Keep in mind, you’ll probably get a new password for Forums and Mumble. It is quite possible that above mentioned list does not contain all factors that will change your access token, but it has the most common reasons.