YF Discord

Yes, we’re using this fancy stuff as well and you should be on it to not miss any of the interesting conversations we have there from time to time. This Discord works with an authentication system, so the pilots from Yulai Federation and Yulai Academy get the right roles to be in the right channels. For everyone else, there are public channels as well.

Join The Discord Server

To join our server you obviously need a Discord account. So if you don’t have one, go ahead and create an account on the Discord registration page. If you already have one, proceed with the next step.

Get Authenticated

Our Discord server is hooked up with our Auth System, so you need to get registered there as well. If you already are, pretty cool. Anyways, make sure you are logged in to https://auth.yulaifederation.net/. From there you navigate to Services and just activate your Discord there. You will be redirected to your Discord login to confirm that you want to get on our server. Once you confirmed that, you find yourself back in the Auth System and have a new Server in your Discord Client called “Yulai Federation”,

See, pretty easy!

Quick Security Advice

Make sure you have for both, your EVE Online and your Discord Account, the 2 Factor Authentication set up! Saves you a lot of headache.