YF Overview

To make it a bit easier to identify targets, Yulai Federation maintains its own overview setup. For pilots of the Yulai Federation it is recommended to have that installed.

Download And Installation


You can download the YF Overview simply by clicking this link » https://yulaifederation.net/download/yulai-federation-unified-overview/
Save the .zip file on your computer in a place where you find it again.


After you downloaded the .zip Archive file, unpack it and you will find a .yaml file. This file contains all the overview settings and presets. Simply move this file to your Overview directory in your EVE Online documents. The complete path should be something like C:\Users\your-username\Documents\EVE\Overview (depending on your operating system). If the Overview directory doesn’t exist, just create it.

After this, undock your ship and open your Overview settings and navigate to the “Misc” tab.

Here you’ll find a “Reset All Overview Settings” button. We recommend to click this first, to make sure that your new overview will not interfere with any other settings. After you clicked this button, you have to reopen the overview settings. Now click on the “Import Overview Settings” button. A new windows will open up and you can pick the YF Unified Overview.

Select the “yf-unified-overview” here and make sure that in the right part of the import windows the checkbox “Check All” is selected to import all settings and presets. Click on “Import” and you’re done …


This overview will be updated from time to time to adjust to new stuff CCP implements or to introduce new useful settings. Updates will be pinged about on our Discord, so you don’t miss them. Once an update is published, simply download and import it again.